don't wait until the funeral to talk about how much someone means to you, tell them today.


Too many people walk around without the slightest idea how much they mean to the people around them. It’s easy to assume that people just ‘know’ how much we love them, and so the words remain unsaid.

We’re here to help you break the silence. From YOU MATTER merch to IMPACT books, we have just what you need to join in the movement of telling people they matter.


make the message clear


Go about your normal day while being a constant reminder to everyone you pass that they matter too. Each shirt makes a simple statement:

you are seen.

You are noticed.

you are loved.

you matter.

Join in on the movement: #itstimetotellpeopletheymatter


The book that brings it all together

IMPACT book is what started this entire movement. We wanted to create something that allowed for one person to receive a compilation of notes and memories from the many people that surround them in their daily life. When you purchase an IMPACT book for someone, you are giving them one of the most unique and special gifts they’ll ever receive. Can you imagine what they’ll feel as they read over the answers from the people in their lives to these three questions?

What is your favorite memory with ____?

How has ____ Impacted your life?

how has ____ helped you?

You can see some of the reactions we’ve received by viewing our instagram hashtag #impactbookreactions